BPA Free Bulk Food Bins

Polycarbonate has become a bit of a dirty word because of the reality of Bisphenol -a other wise know as BPA. This was a necessary component to make polycarbonate until the advent of a new process by a company partnered with Trade Fixtures and ultimately us here at Brencar. Even though BPA was never … [Read More...]


PIJAC National Trade Show

We are really looking forward to the upcoming PIJAC Pet show coming up in Mississauga Sept 19th and 20th. We have been getting a lot of inquiries regarding the use of bins for bulk pet foods since the same concerns for pets exist for our more “upright” friends. They want fresh and safe food and … [Read More...]


New and Old Customers Alike

We are proud to announce some of our new and existing customers installing bulk bins in the their stores: Nestle Purina (University of Guelph), Pet and Joy (Chilliwack), Sana Aih Market (Fort St. James), Donalds Market (2nd Location New Westminister), Fruiticana (Surrey), 49th Parallel (Ladysmith), … [Read More...]

Largest Candy Store in the World

Check out this candy store in the mall in Dubai. Candy is universal. … [Read More...]